The danger lurking around every corner

I’ve interviewed many parking-company owners over the years. When I ask them what single type of claim concerns them most, most of them reply that it’s damage to or theft of vehicles in their care, on their premises.

They’re especially concerned about high-value cars. Even less-expensive cars cost much more to repair than in the past. And disgruntled claimants may insist that their “babies” suffer diminished value after the repairs have been done.

But here’s what rarely occurs to most of these parking operators: Their biggest risk is right down the street or around the corner. Many of the serious claims parking operators experience involve multi-car collisions on public roads—away from the parking operator’s premises. Yet this danger never seems to be at the top of their list.

THE LESSON? When training your employees or developing risk-control measures, always give extra thought to the danger lurking around every corner. Yes, you should worry about damage to your patrons’ cars and take care when handling them. And, yes, you should emphasize repeatedly that patrons are at risk any time vehicles are being moved.

But for every time you worry about your drivers moving cars on premises, worry twice when your drivers take those cars off premises and onto public roads.