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Winter holiday season… nightmares!

It’s a sad reality that this annual winter holiday season—which so many eagerly and joyfully anticipate—is actually riskier than most other times of the year. Everyone is in a hurry, streets are crowded, darkness arrives early, and weather is severe in much of the country. Parking operators—whether they manage self-parking lots and garages or provide […]

ArmorPark welcomes Sera Chalayan!

In early May 2019, U.S. Risk brought Sera Chalayan on board to join the ArmorPark team as an underwriter. Here’s a brief story of what led Sera to us! After graduating from university, Sera Chalayan began her career as a banker. She soon transitioned to insurance, first working in wholesale brokerage and then moving to an admitted […]

Are YOU falling into the gap?

A popular worldwide clothing retailer once ran an ad that encouraged us to “fall into the gap.” That tagline got me to thinking recently about gaps in coverage and how they can affect the livelihood and lives of you and your patrons. Insurance is expensive because—let’s face it—parking operators are in a tough industry that […]

The danger lurking around every corner

I’ve interviewed many parking-company owners over the years. When I ask them what single type of claim concerns them most, most of them reply that it’s damage to or theft of vehicles in their care, on their premises. They’re especially concerned about high-value cars. Even less-expensive cars cost much more to repair than in the […]

So did you hear the one about the five bodybuilders?

Five musclebound bodybuilders pile out of a supersize SUV. Actually, the story starts sooner than that. And this is a cautionary tale, because size doesn’t matter when it comes to lawsuits. A valet driver pulled a customer’s small sedan out of a restaurant parking lot, intending to take the car down the street to a […]