For parking companies

ArmorPark’s exclusive program offers insurance coverage specifically designed to meet the unique needs of parking companies of all sizes—whether they operate nationwide or in just one territory.

Our General Liability and Garagekeepers Legal Liability forms are combined on a broad-coverage policy that has been tailored specifically for parking professionals like you.

Our program welcomes parking operators that perform self-parking, assisted parking, and valet-parking, as well as parking for special events. We can also cover incidental operations in conjunction with parking, such as auto-detailing and minor auto services, the moving of customers’ vehicles to repair facilities, and basic concierge-type services. And there’s protection for patrons’ vehicles when they’re moved off premises and onto public roads or to other locations while being parked.

In case you’re wondering about our expertise…our ArmorPark program manager and underwriter, Connie Fox, has over 25 years of insurance background specific to your industry. Drawing from her experience, she can provide risk prevention ideas to help parking clients control claims.

Get Started

Click on the Applications link below to download our Parking Operator Supplemental Application, Schedule of Parking Locations, and Valet Driver Schedule. Then send the fully completed forms to your insurance agent and ask your agent to visit this website. (If you need a referral to an experienced insurance agent, please email us.)